eventsESEC Gives Particular Attention to ‘Inclusive Nature’ of Energy Transition in Morocco (Report)


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07 Sep

ESEC Gives Particular Attention to ‘Inclusive Nature’ of Energy Transition in Morocco (Report)

Rabat – The Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (ESEC) has given particular attention in its annual report for 2016 to the “inclusive nature” of the energy transition in Morocco.

The inclusive nature of the energy transition includes “seeking to ensure that the new energies can provide access to energy at affordable prices for all social categories and to ensure that the most remote areas, especially rural ones, can benefit from a service in a continuous adaptation regarding the evolution of their needs,” said the report, which was published on Tuesday.

Morocco’s growing urbanization, process of industrialization and its transport development will continue to reinforce the country’s energy demand, noted the ESEC, pointing out that the latest figures show that electricity consumption per capita has increased at an average annual rate of almost 6%, between 1999 and 2015.

In terms of international rankings, the report noted that Morocco is ranked 80th out of 125 countries according to the World Energy Trilemma 2016 index, which assesses the energy policies of countries based on three criteria, namely energy security, equity which deals with people’s access to energy at affordable prices, and sustainability, related to respect for the environment.

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