eventsMining Waste Can Be Wealth-creating Opportunity (Minister)


06 Apr

Mining Waste Can Be Wealth-creating Opportunity (Minister)

Rabat – Abandoned mining sites and mining waste can be an opportunity to create wealth as part of a sustainable development approach, stressed Tuesday minister of Energy, Mining and Environment, Aziz Rabbah.

In a statement to MAP TV channel M24 at the end of a meeting on the national action plan for the recovery of mining waste, Rabbah noted that abandoned mining sites and mining waste are often considered as constraints for the territories, noting that they can represent opportunities for sustainable development and wealth creation.

Often mining wastes are full of metals and it would be wise to use them for mining resources, public works and equipment, he added, saying that abandoned mining sites can be exploited as tourist areas, museums and parks.

In addition, the minister highlighted the launch of the National Plan of Geology 2021-2030 aimed at giving the Geological Survey of Morocco a new dynamic as part of the implementation of the Royal High Directives to implement sectoral strategies converging towards a unified and cross-cutting government policy, as well as the Morocco Mining Plan (PMM), which will serve as a locomotive for responsible and sustainable development to make the mining industry a model sector by 2030.

This meeting, marked by the participation of representatives of various ministerial departments and researchers, was an opportunity to present the action plan on the measures necessary to control and reduce the potential impacts of these activities, as part of the national study for the development of an action plan for the recovery of mining waste in Morocco.

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