eventsMorocco’s Achievements in Climate Change Adaptation Highlighted in New York


27 Mar

Morocco’s Achievements in Climate Change Adaptation Highlighted in New York

United Nations – Secretary of State for Sustainable Development, Nezha El Ouafi, highlighted on Wednesday at UN headquarters in New York, the efforts and policies initiated by Morocco to reverse the pace of climate change, which is now “a reality” in the Kingdom.

Speaking at a high-level meeting on “Interlinkages Between Water and Climate Action”, co-organized by Morocco as part of the preparations for the climate summit next September in New York, El Ouafi stressed that the Moroccan government has already implemented a series of projects and programs, as well as strategies and policies on climate change adaptation.

In this regard, the minister cited the national strategy to combat the effects of climate change, the national sustainable development strategy, the national water strategy, the national program for water saving in irrigation, seawater desalination and the reuse of treated wastewater projects.

Referring to the effects of climate change on the environment, she noted the increase in temperatures and significant decrease in precipitation over the past 40 years, which have significantly reduced water inputs, groundwater recharge, irrigation water supplies and hydropower production.

The studies carried out on climate change in Morocco revealed an increase in temperatures that could be between 2.5 and 3.8°C by 2050 and a decrease in average rainfall (between 10% and 15%), El Ouafi pointed out.

The minister also noted that the national liquid sanitation and wastewater treatment Program has achieved a wastewater treatment rate of 45.4% and enabled the construction of 140 wastewater treatment plants and outfalls, including 55 with tertiary treatment.

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