InitiativesDenmark to Extend Test Centres for Wind Turbines


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16 Mar

Denmark to Extend Test Centres for Wind Turbines

Copenhagen – Wind power in Denmark is set to go even larger after politicians agreed on Wednesday to extend test centres for wind turbines.

The giant wind turbines will be built when existing test centres in Jutland are extended.

“Denmark is a market leader in wind power. If we want to hold on to our position as an international leader then it is important that we are able to test the latest technology,” said Minister for Climate and Energy Lars Christian Lilleholt.

“These are very big wind turbines. With a height of 330 metres they are as big as the Eiffel Tower. It is this technology we will see in future at sea. This will be a shop window for Danish wind turbine technology,” he added.

The test turbines are expected to be in place from 2019.

Last week, a trio of Danish, Dutch and German power transmission system operators announced that they planned to build an artificial island in the North Sea in order to facilitate wind power production.

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