InitiativesMorocco Takes Part in CAHOSCC Meeting


20 Sep

Morocco Takes Part in CAHOSCC Meeting

New York, 19/09/2017 (MAP) – State secretary for sustainable development Nezha El Ouafi took part, on Monday in NY, in the meeting of the office of the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC), attended by the presidents of Guinea, Gabon and South Africa.

Speaking on the occasion, El Ouafi recalled the role of the Kingdom of Morocco, as a leader in the African continent, to fight climate change and as a stakeholder in promoting South-South cooperation in this field.

The meeting discussed how Africa is handling the two African initiatives on renewable energy and adaptation, respectively, through the launch of the “Africa or Climate We Want” strategy.

The strategy has three outlines: the operationalization of the two adaptation and renewable energy initiatives in Africa, as well as the three committees set up during the African Climate Action Summit held in Marrakech as part of the COP22, and the development of an action plan for financing and strengthening governance.

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