LeadersOfficial ‘Upbeat’ About Future of Water in Morocco


12 Oct

Official ‘Upbeat’ About Future of Water in Morocco

Rabat, 12/10/2017 (MAP) – Secretary of State in charge of Water, Charafat Afailal said she is optimistic regarding the future of water in Morocco despite the threat of climate change and resource scarcity.

“We should be optimistic, take decisions and undertake bold reforms in order to reverse the overexploitation of renewable resources, ensure a viable management of water and be present”, Afailal told MAP in an interview.

“Long-term water supply for the country in a context of scarcity and under the threat of climate change is a challenge to be addressed. It is a difficult challenge, but feasible if we manage it properly starting now”, she said.

For Afailal, water security and sustainable supply “requires sacrifices” to combine the mobilization of “increasingly expensive” conventional and unconventional water resources, demand management, water use rationalization and efficiency as well as curbing pollution.

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