newsConstruction Works of Five Large Dams to be Launched in 2021, Minister Says


09 Feb

Construction Works of Five Large Dams to be Launched in 2021, Minister Says

The construction works of five large new dams will be launched in 2021, for an overall budget of DH 4.8 billion and a capacity of 525 million m3, said Tuesday in Rabat minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, Abdelkader Amara.

These dams will be constructed in Oued Lakhdar (province of Azilal), Taghzirt (province of Béni-Mellal), Tamri (prefecture of Agadir Ida-Outanane) and Alkhankro (Figuig), in addition to the Imfout dam, in Settat, which will be enlarged, Amara said at the House of Advisors (upper house) at a session dedicated to the national water strategy (2009-2020).

According to the minister, these projects are part of the national drinking water supply and irrigation program for the period 2020-2027, which seeks to increase the total capacity of dams to 27 billion m3 at the end of the construction works.

During the period 2009-2020, 23 large dams were launched, for an overall cost of DH 28.2 billion, which would increase the capacity to 6.237 billion m3, he said, adding that seven dams are already operational while 11 others are under construction.
The construction of five large dams were launched in 2020 for a total cost of DH 7.8 million, with a capacity of 2,237 million m3, Amara pointed out.

Regarding the national water strategy, in particular the section relating to the 60 planned dams, including those which were under construction in 2009, Amara said that 26 dams have been built or are under construction.

Thanks to the proactive water policy, initiated in accordance with the enlightened royal vision of late HM Hassan II and which was consolidated by HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco has acquired an important water infrastructure, he underlined, adding that there are 149 large dams with a total capacity of over 19 billion m3 in addition to 133 small dams.

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