newsMorocco Cited as ‘Model’ in Wastewater Treatment and Re-Use, UNEP


22 Mar

Morocco Cited as ‘Model’ in Wastewater Treatment and Re-Use, UNEP

Nairobi, 22/03/2017 (MAP) – The leading project of the Ouarzazate green belt and wastewater treatment and re-use to fight desertification were highlighted by the UN Environment Program (UNEP), on World Water Day (March 22), citing Morocco as a model for creating an urban green zone.

In a statement, the UN agency, headquartered in Nairobi, underlined the advantages of using treated wastewater in reforestation, adding that the setting up of a green belt around Ouaezazate will protect the city against winds and dust clouds, come up with jobs in the sector of agriculture and encourage public participation in preventing land and biodiversity degradation.

To irrigate these new green areas, treated wastewater in Ouarzazate was re-used, it said.

Funded by the Moroccan government and the Korea Forest Service, with the support of the UNEP and local partners, this project is aimed at improving air quality, contributing to conserving biodiversity, providing forage, and ameliorating subsistence means for urban and suburb communities, it added.

This projects is the perfect example of the use of solar energy to redirect wastewater to irrigate this belt, it noted.

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