newsOfficial Underlines Need For Green, Inclusive Transportation System


21 Mar

Official Underlines Need For Green, Inclusive Transportation System

Rabat, 21/03/2017 (MAP) – Acting minister of equipment, transportation and logistics Mohamed Boussaid underlined, on Tuesday in Rabat, the need to adopt a broader vision in line with the general goals of the transportation policy aimed at helping with the emergence of economically and socially more efficient transportation systems that are more economical energy-wise and environment-friendly.

Ensuring a green and inclusive transportation system means making choices, as far as infrastructure and the transport sector’s reforms are concerned, to enable maximising the growth potential of our economy while taking into account the requirements of sustainable development in all its economic, social, environmental and cultural components, said Boussaid in a speech, read out by the ministry’s secretary general Khalid Cherkaoui, during the 4th Rabat Conference for Sustainable Development (CRDD), held under the theme “What Progress for Sustainable Progress in Africa?”

He also noted that the “broad lines of our action are meant to promote an ecologically-viable transportation policy that would deal with the issues of growing traffic, road networks clogging up and rise in pollution and noise levels, while encouraging the use of environment-friendly transportation modes and the full internalization of social and environmental costs.”

The minister also noted that this CRDD 4th edition is an opportunity for experts and senior officials in the transport and logistics sector in Africa “to discover the different policies and measures that can be adopted to establish a reliable, safe, green, low-carbon and inclusive transportation system in our continent”, and discuss the measures to be taken to implement the different initiatives that were announced during the COP22, held in Marrakech last November.

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