eventsWorld Hydrogen Forum: Morocco’s Assets Highlighted


02 Jul

World Hydrogen Forum: Morocco’s Assets Highlighted

Rabat – Minister of Energy, Mining and Environment Aziz Rabbah recently highlighted the great assets of Morocco for the promotion of the hydrogen sector.

Speaking at the Virtual World Hydrogen Forum, Rabbah underlined that Morocco boasts many renewable resources in this area and a great experience in renewable energy, in addition to its geographic proximity to the world market, its business climate, as well as its permanent relationship with all countries and the main players in the global economy and the energy sector in particular.

According to a press release from the ministry, the minister affirmed that hydrogen will allow Morocco, in the medium term, to decarbonize the industrial sector, since there are significant capacities in the area which will make it possible to develop an industry that is more competitive and more sustainable.

Hydrogen, in addition to other clean energies, will play an important role in removing carbon from the industrial sector, in particular in the phosphate fertilizer industry, by avoiding the importation of 2 million tonnes of ammonia on the long term, as well as promoting export capacity globally, said Rabbah, adding that the use of green hydrogen will also benefit other industrial sectors, such as cement and food industries and will create new job opportunities.

He also underlined the will and ambition of Morocco to develop hydrogen at the level of the national market and to create partnerships with world organizations and other countries, noting that the hydrogen market will impact the the world economy in the future, especially since the world will experience greater demand for energy in the medium term. It is for this reason “that we are preparing to participate in the hydrogen market at the national and global levels, with the prospect of becoming one of the main players in the sector”.

Rabbah said that hydrogen represents an opportunity for the planet, through its decisive role in helping to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases and eliminating carbon from sectors which are important to economy.

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