regionsAl Hoceima: 22 Agricultural Projects Launched Since 2009 For 655 mln MAD, Official


02 Nov

Al Hoceima: 22 Agricultural Projects Launched Since 2009 For 655 mln MAD, Official

Al Hoceima – Minister of agriculture, fisheries, rural development and waters and forests Aziz Akhannouch said, Wednesday in Al Hoceima, that 22 projects under Pillar II of Morocco’s Green Plan (PMV) were launched since 2009 in this province.

These projects, worth 655 million dirhams, seek to create an added value for the sector at the province’s level, Akhannouch told the press, on the occasion of a monitoring visit of several PMV projects carried out in the province and other projects launched as part of the land development program “Al Hoceima, Manarat Al Moutawassit”.

Concerning tree cultivation, project progress rate reached 16,500 ha out of 18,000 set by the year 2020. Four other projects involving the animal sector were launched for the benefit of 900 people for an amount of 57 million dirhams.

For an optimal use of irrigation water, the minister said that the hydro-agricultural development projects stretching over a surface area of 1,500 ha and the 75km-long irrigation network development projects have benefited the province of Al Hoceima and cost 36 million dirhams.

Since the outset of the “Al Hoceima, Manarat Al Moutawassit” program, real estate under forest property was mobilized to carry out several projects. A total of 30 project requests have been accepted to date.

On tree cultivation projects implemented within the framework of the said program and over a surface area of 8,700 ha, the progress of planting fruit trees reached a rate of 2,170 ha planted over 2015-2016.

Development works of cultivation zones for the year under way, stretching over 3,724 ha, are currently at 90%, knowing that holes for planting were dug up within the set time which coincides with December.

Akhannouch said that the 2,806 ha remaining of this project, part of the “Al Hoceima, Manarat Al Moutawassit” program, should be planted in the next year, adding that the project will be complete a year before the set date.

He added that a number of road projects to open up rural zones were launched in the region, noting that 100km of rural roads were developed for an amount 144 million dirhams.

These projects seeks mainly to upgrade and facilitate the marketing of local agricultural products, he said, noting that development works are expected to reach completion in 2018, five months ahead of the set deadline.

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