Nasa Launches Mission to ‘Touch the Sun’

13 August 2018

Cape Canaveral (USA) – US space agency Nasa launched on Sunday its mission to send a satellite closer to the Sun than any before. ...

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Morocco’s Experience in Sustainable Development Highlighted in New York

17 July 2018

Rabat – Secretary of State for Sustainable Development, Nezha El Ouafi, who leads the Moroccan delegation to the high-level political forum on sustainable development ...

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Morocco, Niger Sign MoU to Promote Cooperation in Environmental Governance

11 July 2018

Rabat – Morocco and Niger signed, on Wednesday in Rabat, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening cooperation and coordination in the areas ...

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Maintenance Works Conducted in 190 Flood-Threatened Sites up until 2018, Official

19 June 2018

Rabat – 190 sites at risk from flooding have undergone maintenance works up until 2018, said Secretary of State for water Charafat Afailal on ...

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HM the King Chairs at Rabat Royal Palace Meeting on Water Issue

06 June 2018

Rabat – HM King Mohammed VI chaired, on Tuesday at Rabat Royal Palace, a meeting dedicated to the issue of water, the Royal Office ...

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More than 96% of Morocco’s Population Has Access to Water that Meets WHO Standards (Official)

01 May 2018

Rabat – Secretary of State for Water Charafat Afilal said, Monday in Rabat, that 96.5% of the Moroccan population has access to water that ...

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UfM: Project Launched to Combat Plastic Waste in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas

18 April 2018

Barcelona – The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the EU Interreg Med Programme, the University of Siena and the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection ...

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Morocco & India Sign MoU to Promote Cooperation in Mining and Geology

13 April 2018

New Delhi – Morocco and India signed, Wednesday in New Delhi, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aiming at strengthening cooperation between the two countries ...

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EU Bank Announces New Financing to Strengthen Access to Energy in Africa

26 March 2018

Abidjan – Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB – the EU bank) Ambroise Fayolle announced, Monday, the signature of USD 25m in financing ...

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Earth Hour 2018: Hassan II Mosque to Switch off Lights on Saturday

22 March 2018

Rabat – As a symbolic Moroccan landmark, Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque will join the Earth Hour movement and switch off its lights for one ...

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