EnergyWeek Morocco, on Nov. 14-15 in Marrakech

27 September 2018

Accra – Marrakech will host on November 14-15 “EnergyWeek Morocco”, an annual meeting point to discuss the progress of regional energy projects in North ...

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Marrakech to Host 11th Arab Energy Conference on Oct. 1-4

03 September 2018

Marrakech – The 11th Arab Energy Conference will be held in Marrakech on October 1-4 under the theme “Energy and Arab Cooperation”. Initiated by ...

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Energy Efficiency Will Allow Morocco to Reduce its Energy Bill (Minister)

16 July 2018

Rabat – Energy efficiency will enable the State to reduce and further control its energy bill, said, Monday in Rabat, minister of Energy, Mining ...

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Morocco, an AfDB Strategic Partner (Official)

09 July 2018

Tan-Tan – Morocco is a strategic partner of the African Development Bank (AfDB), said, Sunday in Tan-Tan, the Bank’s country manager for Morocco, Leila ...

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Renewable Energy: Morocco Has a Sustained Dynamic (Minister)

04 July 2018

Agadir – The renewable energy sector is experiencing sustained momentum in Morocco, said minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development, Aziz Rebbah. Speaking Wednesday ...

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Maintenance Works Conducted in 190 Flood-Threatened Sites up until 2018, Official

19 June 2018

Rabat – 190 sites at risk from flooding have undergone maintenance works up until 2018, said Secretary of State for water Charafat Afailal on ...

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Water Project Aims at Solving Potable Water Issue in Rural Areas (Official)

06 June 2018

Rabat – The water project, developed under high royal instructions, is meant to solve the issue of drinking water supply, mainly in rural and ...

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More than 96% of Morocco’s Population Has Access to Water that Meets WHO Standards (Official)

01 May 2018

Rabat – Secretary of State for Water Charafat Afilal said, Monday in Rabat, that 96.5% of the Moroccan population has access to water that ...

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Morocco’s Dam Storage Capacity Stands at 68.3% by April. 16

17 April 2018

Rabat – Dam’s storage capacity in Morocco stands at 68.3% as of April. 16, which is a total storage of 10.3 billion cubic meters ...

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Investments Made to Generalize Drinking Water in Rural Areas Increased Supply Rate to 96.6% in 2017 (ONEE)

28 March 2018

Rabat – The investments made to generalize drinking water in rural areas have increased the supply rate from 14% in 1994 to 96.6% in ...

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