eventsMoroccan Energy Experience Highlighted in Athens


19 Feb

Moroccan Energy Experience Highlighted in Athens

Athens – The Moroccan energy experience was highlighted in Athens on the occasion of the 8th edition of the “Athens Energy Dialogues” organized on February 17 and 18.

This Forum, organized in virtual format, was devoted this year to the response of companies in the sector to the challenges of energy transition and climate change, a statement from the Moroccan embassy in Greece said on Friday.

Speaking at a session entitled “Clean and alternative fuels for a green transition”, Director General of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), Said Mouline, highlighted the Moroccan energy experience marked by the recent creation of a green economy ministry.

In this regard, he underlined Morocco’s commitment to produce electricity from renewable energy, which are less expensive, and also to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia.

He added that the Moroccan policy and strategy in this sector is decided at the highest level of the state.

The Director of AMEE assured that Morocco is well prepared politically, technically and legally, for regional cooperation with Europe, and wants to align itself with the new EU Green Deal, noting that the green hydrogen constitutes an opportunity for the partnership between Morocco and Europe.

He cited as an example the OCP’s “Zero Carbon in 2040” program, the growing share of electricity production from renewable sources, and the development potential of the green hydrogen production sector for agricultural fertilizer companies.

For Mouline, Morocco is ready to develop public-private partnership projects, which will contribute to the structuring of a Mediterranean market of clean energy, which has a great social impact with the creation of new jobs north and south of the Mediterranean.

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