LeadersMorocco, Spain Examine Means to Foster Cooperation in Energy, Mining Fields


Atelier dédié au lancement de l’élaboration du Plan national de gestion intégrée du littoral (PNL) organisé, jeudi (20/04/17) à Rabat, en présence du  ministre de l'énergie, des mines et du développement durable, Aziz Rebbah, et la secrétaire d’Etat auprès du ministre de l’énergie , des mines et du développement durable, chargée du développement durable, Nezha El Ouafi.
25 Apr

Morocco, Spain Examine Means to Foster Cooperation in Energy, Mining Fields

Rabat, 25/04/2017 (MAP) – Minister of energy, mining and sustainable development Aziz Rabbah met, on Monday in Rabat, with Spain’s ambassador to Morocco Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner on means to reinforce current and future cooperation relations in the fields of energy and mining.

On this occasion, Rabbah underlined the importance of energy bilateral cooperation in terms of electric and gas interconnections, calling for broadening the scope of this cooperation by putting it within the framework of a strategic cooperation that could integrate other fields of shared interests, notably mining and sustainable development, said a statement by the ministry on Tuesday.

The talks touched also on reviving the Spanish-Moroccan joint technical committee to reinforce the existing partnership and dynamic in the field of electric interconnections, mainly concerning the construction of the 3rd electric interconnection and the future of the Maghreb-Europe Gazoduc, the same source added.

The Moroccan official also called for considering the implementation of the agreement on electricity sustainable exchange, inked at the COP22 between Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal and Germany, as well as the setting up of steering and monitoring mechanisms for the said agreement to consolidate energy cooperation between these countries, it said.

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