EntreprisesGabon : Sobraga intensifie sa riposte contre la pollution plastique


epa06778081 An Ivorian man collects plastic bottles to sell for recycling from the general waste at the Akouedo recycling depot and landfill site in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 29 May 2018. Plastic pollution has reached epidemic proportion. According to an Ellen MacArthur Foundation report there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Africa is one of the most affected continents due to its extensive coastline and underdeveloped waste systems allowing plastic waste to easily enter the ocean.  The rapid growth of plastic production in the three biggest areas the European Union, China and the US particularly in single-use plastics is recognised as one of the greatest risks facing the environment and mankind. Efforts at recycling and plastic waste education are on the rise on the African continent with many programs being initiated by youth groups who view the problem as the biggest environmental challenge facing the new generation.  EPA-EFE/LEGNAN KOULA
06 Avr

Gabon : Sobraga intensifie sa riposte contre la pollution plastique

Libreville – La Société des brasseries du Gabon (Sobraga) a décidé d’intensifier sa riposte contre la pollution plastique dans les villes du pays.

A cet effet, elle vient de lancer un appel à projets dans le cadre de son opération « Zéro Plastique ».

Cette initiative vise à fédérer les projets individuels, associatifs et institutionnels pour coordonner une lutte efficace et pérenne contre la pollution plastique.

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