InstitutionsEnvironnement vert: Le FEM accorde 7 millions de dollars au Rwanda


epa06933747 A general view showing the stone walls where the griffon vultures nests above Uvac Lake, 350 km south-west from Belgrade, Serbia, 07 August 2018. Over 500 specimens of Griffon Vultures inhabit the stone walls above the Uvac reserve. This is the largest colony of these birds in the Balkans and one of the few in Europe. With this number of individuals, this bird has been saved from extinction in Serbia. A Griffon Vulture, with a weight of about 10 kg and a wingspan of about 300 cm, belongs to the largest birds in Serbia. This bird is protected by law and each individual is chipped by the Serbian nature protection Institute. It feeds on dead animals. The workers of the Uvac Reserve gather all the dead animals in the region and after the veterinary examination they refer them to the place where birds feed. Using air currents and thanks to their aerodynamic body, they can fly for a very long time, so that the individuals from Serbia were found even in Israel.  EPA-EFE/DJORDJE SAVIC
02 Jan

Environnement vert: Le FEM accorde 7 millions de dollars au Rwanda

Kigali- Le Fonds pour l’environnement mondial (FEM) accordera une enveloppe d’environ 7 millions de dollars au Rwanda, destinée à la promotion de l’environnement vert et à la lutte contre les effets des changements climatiques, rapporte la presse locale.

Citant l’Autorité rwandaise de gestion de l’environnement (REMA), la même source indique que ce financement contribuera à la sauvegarde des forêts, des terres, de l’eau, du climat et des lacs du pays ainsi qu’au financement du programme national dédié aux villes vertes.

Cette enveloppe sera également consacrée à la protection de la faune et à la lutter contre les nouvelles menaces environnementales, notamment la pollution marine, précise-t-on.

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