InitiativesMorocco Spearheads Fight against Climate Change in Africa (Italian Expert)


01 Oct

Morocco Spearheads Fight against Climate Change in Africa (Italian Expert)

Rome – Morocco is spearheading the fight against climate change in Africa, said environmental technology expert Angelo Bruscino.

The Kingdom has initiated, for years, bold and innovative projects for the environment, including the conversion of energy from fossil fuels to renewable sources, said in a statement to MAP the Italian expert, on the sidelines of the climate summit “Youht4Climate: Driving Ambition”.

Bruscino noted that Morocco has made great progress in the modernization of the electrical network and water treatment.

Considerable efforts have been made by the Kingdom to address climate issues, the expert stressed, noting that Europe must take this into account in order to strengthen bilateral relations at this level to achieve a joint ecological transition.

Morocco and Italy have established a dynamic synergy through several projects in the field of climate action, including the conversion of textile and leather production systems to more sustainable models, said this expert, also author of several publications on sustainable development.

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