InitiativesMorocco Stands out as Regional Energy Hub (Italian Magazine)


31 Dec

Morocco Stands out as Regional Energy Hub (Italian Magazine)

Rome – Thanks to an ambitious policy, Morocco gives a primordial place to the energy transition and thus succeeds in standing out as a regional hub in the matter, underlined the Italian magazine specialized in geopolitics ”Limes”.

The Kingdom “intends to emancipate itself from external supplies and become in turn an exporter, to meet its domestic consumption and international commitments,” said the Italian media in an analysis highlighting the energy dynamics of Morocco.

In this sense, the publication highlighted Morocco’s national natural gas development plan between 2021 and 2050 aimed at regulating the sector, establishing a gas transmission and distribution system operator, assessing domestic demand and maximizing profitability.

Morocco aims to “revolutionize its energy agenda and position itself as a geopolitical leader in the region,” it noted, adding that the country has many assets to achieve its ambition, including stability, geographical position and its relationship with the European Union.

Among other projects on which the Kingdom is committed, the Italian media cited the major project of Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline, which “will obviously guarantee the buyer countries better access to natural gas, with significant benefits on electrification and fertilizer production”.

On this last point, the magazine pointed out that Morocco – as a world leader in the production of phosphate-based fertilizers – plays an influential role in Africa, where the use of fertilizer per hectare of cultivated land is about one sixth of the world average, with obvious repercussions on land productivity.

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