InitiativesUN Calls for Response to Collapsing Biodiversity – Report


15 Sep

UN Calls for Response to Collapsing Biodiversity – Report

New York – Humanity is at crossroads and needs to re-think its relation with nature amid the collapsing biodiversity of the world, according to a United Nations report published on Tuesday.

“Humanity stands at a crossroads with regard to the legacy it leaves to future generations. Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, and the pressures driving this decline are intensifying,” the UN’s report said​​​.

According to the report, the world fails to meet the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, eight goals set by the Convention on Biological Diversity a decade ago to address biodiversity loss, and the ongoing COVID-19 further complicates the issue.

The UN urged the international community to address issues related to land and forests, sustainable agriculture, food systems, fisheries, cities and infrastructure, and freshwater.

It also stressed that there are available options to stop biodiversity from collapsing and limit climate change, calling for bold and interdependent actions.

“This mix of actions includes greatly stepping up efforts to conserve and restore biodiversity, addressing climate change in ways that limit global temperature rise without imposing unintended additional pressures on biodiversity, and transforming the way in which we produce, consume and trade goods and services, most particularly food, that rely on and have an impact on biodiversity,” the report concluded.

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