LeadersLaunch of Project to Install Composting Equipment at Rabat Botanical Gardens


14 Feb

Launch of Project to Install Composting Equipment at Rabat Botanical Gardens

Rabat – A joint project for the installation of composting equipment at the Botanical Gardens of Rabat was launched on Monday by the embassies of the Visegrad Group and the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

This project, initiated by the Visegrad countries represented in Morocco (Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary) and INRA, aims to support the operating program of the composting unit and the management of green waste in the context of a central circular economy, said the initiators of this project in a statement.

“This is a pilot project between the Visegrad Group and INRA that will mark the beginning of a multilateral partnership in Morocco,” said the Hungarian ambassador, Miklós Tromler in a statement quoted by the release.

“We are proud of this project and hope that this initiative will raise awareness among all stakeholders, including youth, for the protection of the environment and sustainable development,” he said.

In the same vein, INRA director noted that the project has a dual purpose, namely the recycling of plant matter from the garden and enrichment of the soil by organic matter to reduce the use of inputs that are expensive and whose excessive use could harm the environment, through research projects, in order to improve the composting process that will contribute to a more sustainable agriculture.

He also praised the Visegrad Group for its contribution to the project which “fits perfectly with the national strategy Generation Green”.

For his part, the Polish ambassador, Krzysztof Karwowski, expressed his wishes to see “this first joint project”, marked “the beginning of a long cooperation with various Moroccan partners”.

The Czech ambassador Ladislav Škeřík affirmed the importance of this scientific and technical cooperation project in the framework of Visegrad for his country. “I believe that this cooperation will open the door to other agricultural projects between our countries and deepen the friendship and cooperation between the five partners involved,” he said.

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