newsGreen, Resilient Infrastructure Is Requisite for Sustainable Development, Official


07 Sep

Green, Resilient Infrastructure Is Requisite for Sustainable Development, Official

Rabat – The setting up of reliable, green and resilient infrastructure is a requisite to achieve sustainable development, said, on Wednesday in Rabat, state secretary for sustainable development Nezha El Ouafi.

In a speech at the opening of the 5th forum of the standing committee of finances related to the mobilization of funding for resilient infrastructure, El Ouafi underlined that the construction of new infrastructure, mainly in developing countries, raises serious questions concerning their relation with the fight against climate change, adding that the setting up of good, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure cannot but promote economic development and human well-being.

The Secretary of State stressed that there are two categories of infrastructure, namely green infrastructures that contribute to reducing climate change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions and adapted ones that help slash the vulnerability of developing countries.

El Ouafi said that the construction of green and adapted infrastructure is intrinsically linked to public policies in force, highlighting the main role of private investors who are particularly involved in financing such infrastructure.

She went on to say that, despite its role in fighting climate change, private funding cannot meet the basic needs of adaptation for poor and marginalized populations.

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