newsMoroccan COP22 Presidency Lauds Future Enforcement of Paris Agreement


03 Nov

Moroccan COP22 Presidency Lauds Future Enforcement of Paris Agreement

Rabat, 06/10/2016 (MAP), The Moroccan presidency of COP22 lauded the upcoming enforcement of the Paris Agreement on Climate, describing it as a new rendezvous with history.

In 2015, the adoption by 195 delegations of the Paris Agreement was a historic moment. Today, its enforcement is a new rendezvous with history, said on Thursday a statement by the COP22 steering committee, adding that this enforcement was the top priority of the Moroccan COP22 presidency.

The COP22 chairman Salaheddine Mezouar hails today’s success and calls on all state and non state actors in Marrakech to continue this dynamic: the COP22 will be unquestionably the COP of action. The step made today confirms this belief and testifies to the mobilization and trust by the international community to implement the Paris Agreement, said the statement.

The international community is living a historic moment. Thanks to the deposit at the UN of ratification instruments by 7 EU member states (Hungary, France, Slovenia, Austria, Malta, Portugal and Germany) and Nepal, the second threshold necessary for the enforcement of the Paris Agreement was attained, it added.

Over 55 countries representing over 55% of greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the said agreement which will officially come into force thirty days from now (Nov. 4), on time for the 22nd conference of parties to the UN framework convention on climate change in Marrakech on Nov. 7-18.


Paris Agreement Ratification: Marrakech Conference To Be Held Under the Sign of Action in Favour of Climate (French Foreign Ministry)

Paris, 06/10/2016 (MAP) – After the ratification of the Paris Agreement, Marrakech will be the first follow-up conference of this agreement and will be held under the sign of action in favour of climate, said Thursday the French Foreign Ministry.

The Paris Agreement will formally enter into force on November 4th, just days before the start of COP22, said the French Foreign Ministry in a statement released by its spokesperson, after the European Union and seven of its member states, including France, have submitted their instruments of ratification.

As per the rules of the Agreement, adopted in Paris last year, the cumulative emissions of the ratifying parties must cross the minimum required threshold of 55 per cent of global emissions for it to enter into force. The EU’s vote will help the treaty to cross this minimum.

Accounting for approximately 12 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally, the EU-28 nations will add to the 52 per cent of global emissions that the 62 ratifying parties have covered already.

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