newsMorocco, Congo-Brazzaville Determined to Strengthen Cooperation in Energy Sector


14 Feb

Morocco, Congo-Brazzaville Determined to Strengthen Cooperation in Energy Sector

Rabat – Morocco and the Republic of the Congo-Brazzaville are determined to strengthen their cooperation relations in the energy field, said on Thursday in Rabat Minister of Energy, Mining and Environment Aziz Rabbah.

Rabbah, who co-chaired with the Congo-Brazzaville’s Minister of Energy and Water Serge Blaise Zoniaba, the 1st meeting of the Moroccan-Congolese Joint Committee for Energy Cooperation, welcomed the solidity of the historical ties of fraternity and solidarity uniting the two countries.

“Cooperation relations between Morocco and Congo-Brazzaville have undergone a significant development, mainly on the occasion of the latest visit of HM King Mohammed VI to Brazzaville in April 2018, during which a series of cooperation and partnership agreements have been initialed between the two countries in various sectors, including the energy sector,” noted Rabbah at the opening of this event.

The minister highlighted Morocco’s experience in developing its own energy model based essentially on renewable energy, energy efficiency and regional integration, expressing his desire to consolidate the “excellent and encouraging” level of cooperation between the two countries which heralds a promising and prosperous future, since the African continent is full of great energy potential.

In this regard, Rabbah informed the Congolese ministerial delegation of the will of his department to share its successful experience in the field of electrification and the installation of wind power regulation systems, recalling the progress made by Morocco in relation to institutional reforms in the energy sector and the regularization of the energy market.

“The energy sector in Africa is experiencing strong international demand”, he said, calling for the development of “Joint-ventures” between the companies of the two countries to seize the investment opportunities in both countries, by offering optimal, creative and efficient energy solutions.

For his part, Zoniaba welcomed the initiative of Rabbah to hold the 1st meeting of the said Committee, expressing the firm determination of his country to intensify and diversify its cooperation relations with Morocco.

In this context, he surveyed the experience of his country in terms of energy, voicing the desire of his department to learn from the Moroccan experience in this field and to work jointly to raise the level of energy cooperation between the two countries.

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