newsRenewable Energies: Morocco Seeks to Reinforce International Cooperation (Minister)


04 Dec

Renewable Energies: Morocco Seeks to Reinforce International Cooperation (Minister)

Rome – Morocco seeks to reinforce international cooperation to boost investment in renewable energy, said the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali.

Speaking via teleconference at a forum on clean energy, held Friday evening in Rome, as part of MED 2021 Dialogues, Benali said that 50 renewable energy projects are already in operation and over 60 projects of various sizes are being developed or implemented in partnership with foreign collaborators.

The Kingdom, which has set an ambitious vision by 2030, aims to strengthen regional and international cooperation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, said the Minister, stressing the need to enhance infrastructure to meet the expected energy transition.

“The return on invested capital has to improve, which is why we emphasize the role of the national and international private sector,” added the minister.

MED – Mediterranean dialogues is the annual high-level initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ISPI (Italian Institute for International Political Studies) to rethink traditional approaches to the area complementing analyses of current challenges with new ideas and suggestions and to draft a new “positive agenda”, addressing shared challenges at both the regional and the international level.

Launched in 2015, MED has quickly become the global hub for high–level dialogues on the broader Mediterranean engaging prominent leaders of Mediterranean governments, business, civil society, media and academia.

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