newsRenewable Energy: Morocco, Priority Partner in Euro-Mediterranean Basin (Ambassador)


30 Mar

Renewable Energy: Morocco, Priority Partner in Euro-Mediterranean Basin (Ambassador)

Rome – Morocco is full of huge opportunities in the renewable energy sector that make it a priority partner in the Euro-Mediterranean basin, stressed the Italian ambassador to Morocco, Armando Barucco.

The Kingdom, endowed with great technical capabilities in the fields of renewable energy, especially at the levels of photovoltaic and wind sectors, also offers investors a competitive and favorable business climate, said Tuesday the Italian official, during a webinar on business opportunities in the renewable energy sectors and environmental technologies in Morocco.

The Kingdom has a number of advantages in terms of ”green business, including green hydrogen which is of interest to Italian companies,” noted the diplomat, adding that “it is necessary for Europe to diversify its energy sources and rely on cooperation with Mediterranean countries engaged in this field as Morocco”.

This country represents “an important trading partner for Italy,” said the diplomat, adding that bilateral cooperation also extends to the university level and research, one of the pillars of the energy transition that requires advanced training profiles in technical fields.

This meeting aimed to promote investment, trade, technological innovation and partnerships between the Moroccan and Italian private sectors in inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

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