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26 Mar

Stronger Resilience to Water Resource Variability, A Focus for Moroccan Public Authorities – Minister

Dakar – Strengthening the resilience of the rural population to the variability of water resources “has always been at the heart of the public authorities’ concerns,” Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, said Thursday in Dakar.

Speaking at a special thematic session on “Rural development to strengthen resilience to global changes,” held by Morocco as part of the 9th World Water Forum, the minister stressed that water is a vital resource that has always been the foundation of civilizations.

The living conditions and incomes of people especially in rural areas depend directly on the availability of this commodity. Therefore, the increasing scarcity and variability of water in the context of climate change aggravate poverty in rural areas, he said.

“The Kingdom has enshrined the right to water as a constitutional right through Article 31 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the State, public institutions and local authorities shall work to mobilize all available means to facilitate equal access of citizens to the conditions allowing them to enjoy the right of access to water and a healthy environment,” Mr. Baraka added.

The kingdom of Morocco, he said, has a long experience in the implementation of government programs in the areas of water, agriculture, irrigation and infrastructure also which has allowed it to strengthen the resilience of the rural population, improve living conditions and reduce poverty levels.

Good governance of water can only contribute to strengthening the rural economy, improving living conditions and making the population more resilient to the effects of climate variability and climate change, he added.

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