regionsCOP22: Proactive Adaptation Necessary for Climate Change Challenges (Meeting)


15 Nov

COP22: Proactive Adaptation Necessary for Climate Change Challenges (Meeting)

Marrakech, 15/11/2016 (MAP) – Proactive adaptation is necessary to face the challenges of climate change, said, on Monday in Marrakech, participants in a meeting organized by the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES).

Proactive adaptation is a process which must be started before the appearance of climate change effects, said the participants in this meeting, held at the Blue zone of Bab Ighli village, which is holding the COP22 (November 7-18).

Climate change occupies a prominent place in the programs of IRES which, since its creation in 2007, endeavors to identify the complexity of climate change, explore possible adaptation ways and make proposals for sustainable public policies acceptable at the political, economic and social levels, said Director General of IRES, Mohamed Tawfik Mouline, in a speech on this occasion.

IRES has devoted the 2017 annual strategic report to critical issues in the future of humanity: global challenges of biosphere, particularly climate change and ecological imprint, Mouline said, adding that the conclusions of this report were presented Monday at the Moroccan pavilion of the COP22.

He also noted that developed countries have adopted adaptation strategies, which focus on anticipating and managing climate risks, closely linked to reduction strategies.

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