LeadersMorocco Becomes ‘Green Leader’ Country in Last Five Years (Serbian Paper)


04 Jan

Morocco Becomes ‘Green Leader’ Country in Last Five Years (Serbian Paper)

Rabat, 04/01/2017 (MAP) – Morocco has become in the last five years a “green leader” country and an example for other developing countries, said Serbian paper “Dobrevesti”.

The paper highlighted the outcome of the last conference on climate change in Marrakech (COP22), an exceptional opportunity for Morocco to present the results of its economic progress and its ecological achievements.

In this regard, the paper recalled Morocco’s efforts in the area of green energy, through the removal of subsidies for fossil fuels and its concentration on renewable energies.

The publication also highlighted the Green Morocco Plan, which is meant to raise farmers’ awareness of the environment and promote investment in large-scale infrastructure projects such as solar and wind power plants.

Today, Morocco obtains 28% of its energy needs from renewable sources, noted the paper, recalling the high instructions of HM King Mohammed VI to the government to increase this percentage to 52% by 2030.

“Dobrevesti” added that Morocco is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32% until 2030 and to extend irrigable areas.

The paper also said that Morocco, thanks to its political stability, was able to attract more foreign investment and achieve a more advanced economic progress than the majority of its neighbors.

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