newsMorocco, a Leading Country in Renewable Energies (British TV)


04 Nov

Morocco, a Leading Country in Renewable Energies (British TV)

London – Over the past decade, Morocco has become a “leading” country in renewable energy technologies, British television channel ITV said Tuesday, adding that the Kingdom has Noor, “the largest solar power plant in the world”.

In Morocco, 2,500 hours of sun flood the Saharan sands every year, and every day, the wind blows there, notes the television report, adding that the Moroccan government’s strategy provides for the sale of its energy abroad.

A British company wants to build a wind and solar park there in order to exploit this energy in the United Kingdom, it says.

Quoted in the report, Sir Dave Lewis, president of the XLinks project, explained that “we can generate three times more energy per square meter in Morocco than in the United Kingdom”.

Solar panels would produce energy in Morocco, before it arrives via four submarine cables – each nearly 4,000 km long – passing through Spain, Portugal and France, to reach the national grid in Devon, explained Mr Lewis.

Such a project could provide 8% of the UK’s energy needs, or the equivalent of the energy needs of seven million homes, he said.

“The technology exists to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, but we need to invest, and probably more quickly,” argued Mr Lewis, stressing that “we can reduce the price of electricity in a renewable and sustainable way, and we absolutely must do it “.

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