newsMorocco, a Model to Follow in terms of Energy Transition (Italian Newspaper)


06 Apr

Morocco, a Model to Follow in terms of Energy Transition (Italian Newspaper)

Rome – Thanks to an ambitious, pragmatic and forward-looking vision, Morocco is “a model to follow in terms of energy transition”, underlined Italian newspaper “L’Opinione delle Liberta “.

“Thanks to its political and social stability, the Kingdom is experiencing great transformations in several sectors, placing the energy concern at the heart of its priorities, noted the Italian newspaper, adding that the country bets on renewable energies and green hydrogen.

Morocco has an ambitious project and a large investment plan for green hydrogen, with the aim of ensuring optimal exploitation of all potential for both the national economy and for exports, it points out, adding that the government advances on the basis of a long-term vision and with ten-year plans.

For 2020-2030, the Kingdom has set itself the objectives of the use of green molecules, mainly hydrogen, ammonia and methanol as an industrial raw material, exports, particularly to Europe, and the exploration of natural deposits.

The country projects, for the period 2030-2040, to develop the first economically sustainable projects, to export synthetic liquid fuels and to use hydrogen as a vector of energy storage, it explains.

This enormous challenge may place Morocco among the world leaders in energy production from renewable sources, the newspaper underlines, adding that the Kingdom is confirmed as a real investor in the transition to renewable sources.

“Its efforts, its distinguished international relations and its strategic location make him a partner of choice,” the source stresses, adding that relations between Morocco and the EU are governed by multisectoral cooperation instruments.

The Kingdom is a strategic country for Italy, writes the publication, noting that bilateral cooperation has been strengthened by a partnership establishing more than one hundred agreements.

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