regionsSpring Crops to Cover an Area of 272,000 ha of Non-Irrigated Land, Minister


11 Apr

Spring Crops to Cover an Area of 272,000 ha of Non-Irrigated Land, Minister

Rabat – Spring crops are to cover an area of 272,000 hectares (ha) of non-irrigated lands and may reach up to 300,000 ha, said on Monday, minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki.

Responding to questions on the agricultural sector at the House of Representatives, Sadiki said that the area farmed in non-irrigated lands has reached 190,000 ha, 75,000 ha of which are dedicated to corn and 50,000 ha to chickpeas.

As for irrigated areas, the minister said that the area planned for spring crops is estimated at 80,000 ha, adding that the current cultivated area totals 22,000 ha.

Regarding livestock production, Sadiki noted that the livestock has recovered its price on the markets thanks to the production of fodder and the emergency program to support the feed.

The health of the national livestock is “very satisfactory” in different regions of the Kingdom, thanks to health monitoring and vaccination campaigns, he assured.

The minister also noted that until the end of February, the current agricultural year has experienced a historic deficit of rainfall and an unprecedented decline in water reserves, which have impacted negatively the agricultural sector.

Faced with this situation, the Ministry, he said, has implemented a series of measures during the first five months to support farmers in affected areas, with about one million quintals of subsidized barley.

In accordance with the Royal Instructions, an exceptional program of 10 billion dirhams has been put in place to assist farmers, Sadiki added.

The minister also recalled the launch by the National Office of Food Safety (ONSSA), of free vaccination campaigns for the national livestock of sheep, goats, cows and camels.

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