newsTangier Launches Call for Tenders to Build Shelter for Stray Animals


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06 Jun

Tangier Launches Call for Tenders to Build Shelter for Stray Animals

Tangier – A call for tenders has been issued for the construction and equipping of a shelter for stray dogs and cats in Tangier.

The construction of this animal pound requires an investment of over MAD 12.11 million, according to the call for tenders, the opening of which is scheduled for June 26.

The facility, which should be completed within 8 months of the start of construction, will provide a home for stray dogs and other animals.

The project is the subject of a partnership agreement between the Tangier municipality, the Ministry of the Interior and the Agency for the Promotion and Development of the North (APDN), which was ratified by the municipal council at its ordinary session in February.

According to a report by Tangier’s Cooperation and Partnership Committee, this agreement aims to build a shelter for dogs, cats and stray animals, as part of the new public health approach, through the involvement of doctors, veterinarians, NGOs and civil society associations working in this field.

The aim of this partnership is to mobilize the financial and human resources needed to run the pound.

The project requires an overall budget of MAD 15 million, MAD 10 million of which to be provided by the Ministry of the Interior and the rest by the Tangier municipality. The latter will also provide the land on which the pound will be built.

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