InitiativesThree Questions to Faouzi Annajah, the Moroccan Who Revolutionized Hydrogen Cars


30 May

Three Questions to Faouzi Annajah, the Moroccan Who Revolutionized Hydrogen Cars

Rome – Creativity, innovation, freedom of movement and sustainability…these are the assets of the new brand of green hydrogen car Namx, designed by Moroccan Faouzi Annajah. In an interview with MAP, Annajah speaks of his invention, while highlighting the sector’s importance in the energy transition worldwide.


1-What is the particularity of NamX?

Namx is a premium hydrogen car manufacturer. We have designed a new generation SUV with a unique charging system, which has been developed over several years to facilitate the hydrogen charging system for customers.

I have worked with major global partners to develop this system which will soon be presented in Paris in October.

Our ambition is twofold: to be a new reference in the world of zero-emission cars and to constantly explore innovations with our customers to facilitate mobility.

2-Why did you choose green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is one of the solutions to the challenges of the energy transition, particularly in terms of mobility.

A hydrogen car is a vehicle with an electric engine that is not powered by a battery but rather by a fuel cell, which transforms hydrogen into electricity. If hydrogen is available, it only needs to be stored in a tank in the vehicle and connected to a fuel cell to produce electricity.

Pollution is no longer an option. Our planet is sick. The time for change has come!

I take this opportunity to express my great satisfaction to see my country, Morocco, investing and committing itself to this promising and sustainable field.


3-Where do you place NamX in the automotive world?

Namx is a modern industrial and technological project for the ecological mobility of the future. It seeks to tackle global warming, one of the greatest challenges of our time, without sacrificing human mobility and the development it generates.

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