eventsWB Supports Morocco’s Anti-Climate Change Actions, Its Vice President Says


15 Nov

WB Supports Morocco’s Anti-Climate Change Actions, Its Vice President Says

Marrakesh, 15/11/2016 (MAP) – The World Bank (WB) supports global actions undertaken by Morocco to fight the impact of climate change and environment deterioration, said, on Tuesday in Marrakesh, WB vice president for MENA Hafez Ghanem.

Morocco is working for the adaption of its agriculture, knowing that it is reducing, in parallel, its emissions through the elimination of energy subsidies and the building of Ouarzazate solar plant, Ghanem said at a press conference on the sidelines of the COP22 to present the WB new climate action plan to reinforce its support for MENA region.

He added that Morocco adopted the best practices in water management and via planting species that resist climate change, noting that “this is the kind of global anti-climate change actions which we support in the region to protect the most vulnerable creatures.”

The World Bank is making five commitments to the region and its people: increasing from 18 to 30 percent the portion of Bank lending that supports climate action, raising significantly from 28% the portion of climate lending that goes to adaptation measures, supporting policy reforms that lay the foundations for a green future, attracting private finance and supporting collective action to increase security in key cross-border challenges such as water management and energy market integration.

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