InitiativesWind Power: Harmattan Project To Help Morocco Become True Technological Hub (CEO)


09 Dec

Wind Power: Harmattan Project To Help Morocco Become True Technological Hub (CEO)

Casablanca – The Harmattan wind power project in Dakhla will help Morocco promote the development of the Blockchain and finance industry in addition to becoming a real technological hub, said on Wednesday the CEO of Soluna Technologies LTD, John Belizaire.

Speaking during a virtual press conference on the progress of the project, Belizaire noted that for nearly three years, Soluna Technologies LTD has been working on the development of a 900 MW wind farm on over 10,000 hectares in Dakhla, with a farm of collocated modular data centers, noting that these same centers will be dedicated to providing computational capacity to global blockchain networks.

He noted that blockchain technology is now adopted by some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including JP Morgan Chase, PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Square, Inc, CME, and Intercontinental Exchange.

This project, which will require an overall investment of $ 2.5 billion, has the potential to generate more than 400 highly skilled jobs over its lifetime, he said, noting that Soluna plans to set up a local center of excellence developing expertise in blockchain technology, accessible to a growing global market.

He also noted that this project complies with the High Guidelines of HM King Mohammed VI to promote the resources of the southern provinces.

Belizaire underlined that the Sovereign, in his recent speech on the occasion of the commemoration of the Green March, said that this zone which is full of resources and potentialities, on land and sea, will thus serve as a bridge and link between Morocco and its African depth. In this regard, it is important to invest in maritime areas, both for the desalination of seawater and for the exploitation of renewable energy of wind or tidal origins.”

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