regionsAgriculture: 4.1 Mln Ha Planted in Fall Cereals to Jan.8


15 Jan

Agriculture: 4.1 Mln Ha Planted in Fall Cereals to Jan.8

Rabat – An area of 4.1 million hectares has been planted in Fall cereals to January 8, 2021, and it should reach 4.3 million hectares by the end of the sowing period, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests revealed on Friday.

The cultivated area includes soft wheat (44%), barley (34%) and durum wheat 22%, according to a statement by the ministry.

The pace of cereal sowing has accelerated to reach 3 million hectares in one month following the rains recorded in late November and December.

“The cultivation of autumn crops has experienced a good momentum starting from the last ten days of November 2020, it said. Mechanical tillage covers 94% of the area dedicated to fall crops.

The total area sown to date, all fall crops combined, totals 4.76 million hectares, 9% of which is irrigated. Cereals come in the first place (86%) followed by fodder (10%) and legumes (4%),” the ministry revealed.

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