InitiativesMorocco’s Experience with Solar Power, Model for Africa (Portal)


14 Mar

Morocco’s Experience with Solar Power, Model for Africa (Portal)

Washington – Morocco’s experience with solar power is a model in Africa to address energy access challenges, underlines, on Monday, U.S. website +Green Biz+.

« Morocco’s experience with solar power offers key lessons for policymakers elsewhere in Africa who are seeking a robust pathway for addressing energy access challenges, » underlines the website in an analysis by Emmanuel Awohouedji.

Although many other African countries have solar installations of varying sizes, their overall renewable energy share remains small (…) and Morocco can serve as an ideal model in terms of energy transition, particularly with regard to the use of both photovoltaic (PV) systems and concentrated solar thermal power (CSP), according to the author of the analysis.

Despite the world’s continued addiction to fossil fuels (more than 95 percent of energy worldwide comes from fossil sources such as coal, oil and natural gas), it is possible to invest profitably in renewable energy — particularly solar. As in the case of Morocco, countries can exploit a mix of enabling equity, debt instruments and solar-based electricity options, notes +Green Biz+.

It adds that for countries considering the development of CSP, having an instrument such as the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) might be beneficial. Such a dedicated body can prepare the ground for investment by assessing a project’s feasibility and risk of failure, considering the environmental and social consequences, and conducting research to facilitate project implementation.

Solar photovoltaic systems proved an ideal option for rural electrification in Morocco and solar home systems were considered a viable alternative for electricity provision, the website underlines, noting that about 12 million people in Morocco’s rural areas have been supplied with electricity through the country’s solar PV and solar home system initiatives.

Morocco’s experience in promoting renewable energy is very important for Africa at a time when providing reliable, affordable and sustainable access to energy has become a core focus of the international development community.

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