UN Praises Morocco for its ‘Remarkable Leadership’ in Climate Action

01 December 2021

Rabat – The United Nations Development System (UNDS) in Morocco hailed, Tuesday in Rabat, the “remarkable leadership” of the Kingdom in climate action for ...

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Morocco Can Serve as Model for Water Management and Sustainable Irrigation (ICID Head)

27 November 2021

Marrakech – With a forward-looking strategy for water management and sustainable irrigation, Morocco can serve as a model for African countries, said Friday in ...

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EU Approves $2.5Bln Funding for Greek Renewable Power Production Projects

25 November 2021

Brussels – The European Commission said on Thursday that it had approved over 2 billion euros ($2.5 billion) in assistance to Greece to fund ...

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UN General Assembly: Unanimous Endorsement for Moroccan Resolution on Integrated Coastal Zone Management

24 November 2021

United Nations (New York) – The Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a draft resolution submitted by Morocco on integrated ...

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Water: Govt. Program to Focus on Water Efficiency, Seawater Desalination (Minister)

23 November 2021

Rabat – The government program in the sector of water will focus on water efficiency and seawater desalination, with a view to addressing the ...

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Electrical Energy: Production Up 6.2% End September

22 November 2021

Rabat – Electrical energy production increased by 6.2% at the end of the first nine months of 2021, after a decline of 4.6% the ...

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Morocco Has Made a Name for Itself as a Climate Leader – BBC

20 November 2021

London – Morocco, which has become famous for its vast and world-leading solar arrays, has made a name for itself as a climate leader, ...

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India Extends Restriction Measures Amid Air Pollution Emergency in New Delhi

17 November 2021

New Delhi- As India battles a serious air pollution problem in New Delhi, authorities on Wednesday extended the closure of educational institutions, as well ...

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India to Step Up Oil Exploration, Production by 2025

16 November 2021

New Delhi – India, which has “large additional areas” will intensify oil exploration and production by 2025, India’s Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, ...

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Over 1 Mln Species Face Threat of Extinction (IUCN)

15 November 2021

Geneva – More than one million species face the threat of extinction, a global biodiversity body said on Monday. According to the Red List ...

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