newsMorocco’s Dam Storage Capacity Stands at 49.9% by March. 7


07 Mar

Morocco’s Dam Storage Capacity Stands at 49.9% by March. 7

Rabat – Dam’s storage capacity in Morocco stands at 49.9% as of March 7, which is a total storage of 7.6 billion cubic meters (m3), according to the State Secretary for Water.

This level is lower than the one reported during the same period in 2017, when stored volumes of water in dams stood at 8.9 billion cubic meters, which is a storage capacity of 58.3%, the source added.

The dams of Ahl Souss (Agadir), Nakhla (Tetouan), Bouhouda (Taounate), Sidi Said Maachou, Mokhtar Soussi and Imi El Kheng (Souss Massa) recorded a fill rate of 100% by March. 7, the source added.

Other dams recorded a decrease in water supplies compared to the same period in last year, including Garde Sebou in Kenitra (from 100% to 32.8%), Yaakoub Mansour in the region of El Haouz (from 94.1% to 68.4%), Aoulouz in Souss Massa (from 92.5% to 53.5%) and Lalla Takerkoust in El Haouz (from 82.6% to 19.1%).

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