newsONEE Investments to Reach 25 Bln DH by 2023 – Minister


01 Jul

ONEE Investments to Reach 25 Bln DH by 2023 – Minister

Rabat – Investments of the National Office for Drinking Water and Electricity (ONEE) will reach 25 billion DH by 2023, said Tuesday in Rabat Minister of Energy, Mining and Environment, Aziz Rabbah.

Speaking at the House of Advisors (upper house), Rabbah noted that this volume of investments will meet the needs of the rural world, the development of transport and transition of the distribution sector.

Rabbah said his department is working with the Ministry of the Interior to create regional electricity distribution companies, with the possibility of integrating the private sector, while favoring national companies and granting a share of the actions to ONEE and the autonomous water and electricity distribution boards.

After stressing that the electricity system is able to meet the needs of the national economy and citizens, the minister underlined that the Kingdom has a surplus of electricity and has started to export, adding that the surplus has reached 28% last year.

He also stressed that the renewable energy projects previously launched are still underway, saying that their investment budget has reached 49 billion dirhams in the public and private sectors.

A budget of 52 bln DH has been allocated to these investments, he pointed out, adding that the private sector has reached 27 bln DH of investments, while 400MW have been reserved for it.

He also stressed that several countries in the world seek to benefit from the experience of Morocco, which, in just 20 years, has been able to ensure electric coverage on 99.5% of its territory.

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