eventsHalieutis Fair, Major Event to Discuss Future of Sea Food Production (Israeli Minister)


07 Feb

Halieutis Fair, Major Event to Discuss Future of Sea Food Production (Israeli Minister)

Tel Aviv – The Israeli Minister of Agriculture, Avi Dichter, said he was satisfied with the participation of an Israeli delegation for the first time in the 6th edition of the Halieutis Fair, held from 1 to 5 February in Agadir, adding that this major international event has allowed delegations representing different countries to exchange on the future of sea food production.

The fair focused on knowledge and scientific practices concerning the fight against the erosion of marine wealth and the preservation of the marine ecosystem, as well as the use of innovative tools and research to preserve the food production capacity and improve the sustainability of aquaculture and encourage future generations to develop and maintain this sector in Morocco as everywhere in the world, said Tuesday a statement by the Ministry of Agriculture, citing Dichter.

The Israeli official welcomed the participation of a delegation from his ministry for the first time at this international event on the blue economy in Morocco, adding that this participation was an opportunity to present the innovations and best practices applied by Israel in the sector of entrepreneurship as a pioneering country in the search for scientific solutions that would benefit both the environment and the population.

Morocco is a pioneer country at the regional level in the production of sea food, stressed the statement, noting that the marine fisheries sector in Morocco represents about 2.3 pc of the gross domestic product over the past ten years and creates hundreds of thousands of job opportunities.

Given the primordial place of the sector in Morocco and in order to preserve the productive capacity of sea food, the Kingdom of Morocco works to strengthen the blue economy, preserve the fisheries sector, develop the aquaculture sector, focusing on the use of technological innovation as a tool to improve sustainability in the field.

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