eventsWater: Moroccan Policy Aims to Preserve Children’s Rights (Official)


17 Jun

Water: Moroccan Policy Aims to Preserve Children’s Rights (Official)

Rabat – Morocco’s comprehensive and resilient policy to counter water scarcity, both in urban and rural areas, aims to preserve the rights of the population, particularly children, head of the General Directorate of Water Siham Laraichi said.

The Kingdom has taken into account climate change challenges in its water policy, which “is characterized by the diversification of supply sources and interconnection of systems,” Laraichi of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water said during a webinar, organized by UNICEF under the theme “Children’s Rights and Water Scarcity.”

This policy aims to protect water resources and ecosystems while improving the management of extreme weather conditions and optimizing the governance and management of the water sector, she noted.

The National Water Plan has elaborated investment strategies and actions to manage water supply and demand through integrating climate change uncertainties, she added.

Regarding non-conventional water, eight operational projects of desalination have been implemented while seven others are under construction, Lairaichi said, noting that 46 projects of wastewater reuse have involved 65 million m3.

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