InitiativesMorocco, Perfect Place for World’s Biggest Climate Change Conference (Quartz)


08 Nov

Morocco, Perfect Place for World’s Biggest Climate Change Conference (Quartz)

Washington, 08/11/2016 (MAP) – Morocco is a perfect place for the world’s biggest climate change conference, the US publication “Quartz” underlined in its latest edition.

“As the world gathers in Marrakech at the UN’s COP22 conference, starting Nov.7, to grapple with how to implement the Paris climate change agreement, it need only look to its host to figure out a plan”, Quartz said in an article published on its website.

Noting that when it comes to climate change, one country has been powering forward: Morocco, the US publication pointed out that the kingdom had already added the right to a healthy environment and sustainable development to its constitution in 2011.

Morocco is ranked the world’s sixth best country in the 2016 Climate Change Performance Index and is the only non-European country in the top-20, Quartz noted.

It recalled that earlier this year, Morocco opened Noor 1, a solar power plant in the Sahara so enormous it can be seen from space, adding that that’s just the plant’s first section—by the time parts two and three of the $9 billion project are finished in 2018, it will likely be the biggest solar plant in the world and provide energy for at least a million people with a 580 megawatt capacity.

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