InitiativesNational Biodiversity Study Updated as Prelude to Post-2020 Strategy (Official)


23 May

National Biodiversity Study Updated as Prelude to Post-2020 Strategy (Official)

Rabat – Secretary of State for Sustainable Development, Nezha El Ouafi, said, Wednesday in Rabat, that her department has decided to update the national biodiversity study and prepare a national assessment of Morocco’s ecosystems, as a prelude to the development of a post-2020 strategy.

Speaking at a meeting on the occasion of the International Biodiversity Day, El Ouafi said that this measure aims to prepare the post-2020 strategy on a solid and updated basis, “in partnership with all stakeholders and with the support of our international cooperation partners”.

In this regard, she recalled that Morocco has developed and implemented a national strategy and action plan on biodiversity by 2020.

In order to achieve this objective, a partnership agreement will be concluded with the Scientific Institute of Mohammed V University to support the secretariat in updating the national biodiversity study and in other areas related to sustainable development, she said.

She also stressed that Morocco has laid the foundations for sustainable development through numerous political, institutional, legal, social and economic reforms, noting that this process has been strengthened by the adoption of the national Strategy for sustainable development (2015-2030).

These foundations have led to a firm commitment to build a common project for all stakeholders to support sustainable development efforts, she said, adding that this strategy also aims to “clarify and harmonize our country’s international commitments and national horizontal and sectoral policies”.

The strategy is meant to address the challenges of promoting development governance, ensuring a gradual transition to a green economy, and improving the management and development of natural resources, biodiversity, combating climate change, managing fragile lands, reducing social and spatial disparities and promoting a culture of sustainable development, she pointed out.

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