InitiativesRome: Partnership between Morocco-FAO-Israel on Food Security in Africa


22 Sep

Rome: Partnership between Morocco-FAO-Israel on Food Security in Africa

Rome – Morocco’s representation to the United Nations agencies in Rome hosted, Wednesday, a meeting aimed at strengthening food security in Africa, which was attended by delegations from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Israel.

The event, which is part of the Food Coalition decided at the G20 meeting in Matera in Italy in 2021 and in which Morocco is a stakeholder, aims to lay the foundations for improving water management in a tripartite cooperation, for the benefit of African countries, said a statement by the representation of Morocco to the United Nations agencies in Rome.

During this meeting, the Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Kingdom, Youssef Balla, highlighted “the promising prospects of this collaboration in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in the management of water resources under pressure by the increasing climatic shocks in Africa”.

The Permanent Representative of Israel, Yael Rubenstein, leading the delegation of his country, welcomed the responsiveness of the Moroccan side, as well as the availability of his government to participate in the achievement of this project for food security, praising “the momentum in cooperation between our two countries’.

For its part, the FAO delegation, led by Enzo Cursio, stressed the importance of this project, describing it as a “priority” for the Food Coalition and an international example of symbolic aspects and political values.

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