InstitutionsWB: Morocco Set Powerful Example in Fighting Climate Change


02 Nov

WB: Morocco Set Powerful Example in Fighting Climate Change

Washington, 02/11/2016 (MAP), Morocco has set a powerful example in terms of fighting climate change, said the World Bank (WB), noting that the country’s decision makers have geared up policy and investments toward increasing resilience and fostering a low carbon economy.

In an articled posted on its website and authored by Hafez Ghanem, the Bank said that the hosting of the COP 22 in Morocco is a testament to the role of middle income countries in tackling climate change, and their capacity to rally the international community around this critical task.

The author added that it is now time to turn the Paris Agreement into action, and the next global meeting on climate change, COP 22, in Morocco will bring together all the parties working towards the collective goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and keeping the rise in global temperatures under 2˚C.

“Morocco and the United Arab Emirates are among those that have already ratified the Paris agreement and contributed to its coming into force. This is an encouraging step for the region, showing that the climate agenda is moving to the top of countries’ strategic priorities,” he wrote.

Marrakech will be a COP for action; a COP marking a step toward the change needed to avoid the point of no return; the COP where major economies will pave the way towards going green, he concluded.

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