newsArgan Tree at Center of UNGA’s Attention


01 Mar

Argan Tree at Center of UNGA’s Attention

United Nations – The United Nations General Assembly is preparing to adopt, on Wednesday, a draft resolution initiated by Morocco with a view to the proclamation of May 10 of each year as an International Argan Tree Day.

This initiative aims to celebrate the Argan tree, a tree specific to the Kingdom of Morocco, as a vector for achieving sustainable development, at the socio-economic as well as the ecological, cultural, culinary and medicinal levels, nationally and internationally.

The proclamation of International Argan Tree Day will be a recognition by the UN General Assembly of the Kingdom’s efforts to protect and promote the Argan tree and will strengthen international cooperation to support and enhance the preservation of the Argan tree biosphere and further develop this sector.

This project also highlights the key role of the Argan tree sector in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 5 on the empowerment and emancipation of women, especially in rural areas.

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