InitiativesUK Gov’t Says has Strategy to Boost Energy Security


07 Apr

UK Gov’t Says has Strategy to Boost Energy Security

London – The UK government has developed an energy security strategy to shield the country from rising energy prices by strengthening local clean energy industries, the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said.

“The Prime Minister’s plan boosts Britain’s energy security following rising global energy prices and volatility in international markets,” the department said in a statement published on Wednesday.

The strategy contains “bold new commitments to supercharge clean energy and accelerate deployment, which could see 95% of Great Britain’s electricity set to be low carbon by 2030.”

This includes an expansion of nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen oil and gas, as well as delivering the equivalent of one nuclear reactor per year. The initiative will create about 40,000 jobs in clean industries, bringing the total to 480,000 by 2030, the ministry said.

“The strategy will see a significant acceleration of nuclear, with an ambition of up to 24GW by 2050 to come from this safe, clean, and reliable source of power. This would represent up to around 25% of our projected electricity demand,” the statement read, noting that a new government agency, Great British Nuclear, will be created in April alongside the 120 million pound ($157 million) Future Nuclear Enabling Fund to undertake various energy projects.

On Wednesday, the British government also committed to creating a new public body, the Future System Operator that will oversee the country’s energy resilience.

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