regionsAustralia Ratifies Paris Agreement on Climate Change


10 Nov

Australia Ratifies Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Sydney, 10/11/2016 (MAP) – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced the Australian government has ratified the Paris agreement on climate change.

Speaking alongside Australian Foreign Minister and Energy and Environment Minister in Canberra today, Turnbull said the agreement was in Australia’s best interests.

“Almost a year from the Paris conference, it is clear the agreement was a watershed, a turning point and the adoption of a comprehensive strategy has galvanised the international community and spurred on global action,” Turnbull said.

He noted that his government’s climate and energy policies would be reviewed next year to ensure the 2030 targets under the agreement were also met.

The Paris agreement was founded at the December 2015 conference and saw 195 countries commit to action to keep global warming to below two degrees Celsius.

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